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Our company won the second prize of the 2017 China Building Materials Federation • China Silicate Society Building Materials Science and Technology Progress Award

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The project "HRM2800M high-fine coal powder vertical roller mill grinding technology and equipment development" jointly undertaken by our company and Hefei Cement Research and Design Institute was evaluated and publicized by the jury and won the 2017 China Building Materials Federation • China Silicon The second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award for Building Materials.

Project Name: Development of HRM2800M High-fine Coal Powder Vertical Roll Grinding Technology and Equipment

Major technological innovations:

1. Developed a proprietary combination structure of grinding discs and grinding rolls in accordance with the requirements for grinding high-fine coal powder, and optimized the process parameters such as grinding disc rotation speed and grinding roller pressure to ensure the stability of the material bed and improve the grinding efficiency;

2. Developed a vertical grinding and classifier that prevents short circuit and static static, which improves the efficiency of powder selection;

3. By improving the feeding mode, uniform cloth is realized, the problem of blocking material is solved, and the reliability of the equipment is improved.

Main Completions: Ye Weidong, Xiong Huijun, Deng Xiaolin, Zhang Zhiyu, Yang Chenggang, Yuan Fengyu, Wang Guoqing, Chi Yuan, Li Jinrong, Zhang Weili, Zhang Xinjiang, Tu Wei

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